Fund Disbursement Process (Redeem Button)

If students are eligible or have their application approved. Then the students will get the Scholarship benefits Directly in their Aadhar Linked Bank Account in Two Installment. But, they have to click on the Redeem button to receive the Scholarship Benefits in their Bank Account. some of their scholarships will be sent to the college. … Read moreFund Disbursement Process (Redeem Button)

Can I Edit Submitted Application of MahaDBT?

Yes, you can edit your Application if Institute sent back the application to the student. Sometimes students make mistakes at the time of filling the application. In Scrutiny Process, MahaDBT Officers will Verify all the details if they found any mistake they will send back the application to student. so they can make correction in their … Read moreCan I Edit Submitted Application of MahaDBT?