MahaDBT Redeem Voucher – Fund Disbursement Process

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If students are eligible or have their application approved. Then the students will get the Scholarship benefits Directly in their Aadhar Linked Bank Account in Two Installment.

But, they have to click on the Redeem button to receive the Scholarship Benefits in their Bank Account.

some of their scholarships will be sent to the college.

Redeem Button Option Activate Notification

When your First and Second installment is ready for disbursement then you will receive the SMS or Email Notification from the MahaDBT that your Installment is Ready for Disbursement.

( Make sure you have submitted your active mobile number or email so you can’t miss the Notification )

Redeem Button

First Installment

When the Institute and Department approve the application of Students. Then the student has to wait until the First Installment Redeem Button Option is Activate. after they see the Redeem button then they can Redeem the First Installment.

After Redeeming the First Installment they can see the status Fund Disbursement under DDO that means you will receive a Scholarship Benefits in 2-3 Days.

in some cases, it can take longer.

Second Installment

So, After getting the First Installment student will receive the Second Installment after some weeks or even next month. The Second Installment process is also the same as the First Installment.

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