MahaDBT – Aapke Sarkar Scholarship Portal 2020 – Apply Online

Welcome to MahaDBT – Direct Benefits Transfer.

What is a MahaDBT Portal?

MahaDBT – Direct Benefits Transfer Aaple Sarkar is an E-Scholarship Portal of Maharashtra State Government. all the Indian Citizen students can easily apply for the scholarship online on this MahaDBTmahait Portal.

After applying on this scholarship portal students will receive their benefits Directly in their Aadhaar Linked Bank Account.

Required Documents for MahaDBT Scholarship

  • Aadhar Card
  • College Admission Receipt
  • College ID Card
  • Marksheet of SSC (10th std)
  • Marksheet of HSC (12th)
  • Previous Year Marksheet
  • Cast Certificate
  • Income Certificate Original (Current Year from Tahsildar)
  • Hostel Certificate (If Required)
  • Gap Certificate (If Required)
  • Bank Passbook
  • Self Declaration
  • Leaving Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Rashan Card (If Required)
  • Handicap Certificate (If Required)

Note: Above all the Documents are not Required Its Depend on Candidate Type.

MahaDBT Scholarship
Official Site of

Full Procedure to get Scholarship benefits

  • Registration – Register yourself on MahaDBT Portal to apply for the various scholarship schemes online. you can register yourself by giving basic details of your aadhar card and personal details.

(aadhar card should be linked with your mobile number if it not link then use Biometric or another method)

  • Login – Login on your Account Dashboard by using Username and Password that you created at the time of Registration. after login to the Dashboard, you can manage your account.
  • Creating Profile – Select Create Profile Option from your Dashboard Now you have to Fill your Personal Details and Educational Details. according to your profile, you have to upload a scanned Required Document.
  • Applying for Scholarship Scheme- after you complete your profile you will see the Eligible MahaDBT Scholarship schemes List on your screen. just simply select schemes from that list and click on apply and Submit your application.
  • Application is in Under Scrutiny Process – Institute and Department Level Officers will Verify your Application and check all the details and uploaded documents. after all verification, he will approve your application.
  • Application Approved – If your application details and documents are ok then your application will be approved by the Officers.
  • Fund Transfer Process – to clarify Students will receive the MahaDBT Scholarship benefits in two installments. The student has to click on Redeem Voucher before it expires.
  • Redeem Voucher 1st Installment – Students will receive a message or email that their First Installment is ready for Disbursement. students need to log in on their account and click on Redeem Button.
  • Redeem Voucher 2nd Installment – after successfully redeeming the 1st Installment students have to wait for Activation of Redeem Button for 2nd Installment.

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75 thoughts on “MahaDBT – Aapke Sarkar Scholarship Portal 2020 – Apply Online”

  1. By mistake I created 2 application , in 1st I link adhar card but not Fully filled and not applied for any scheme . On 2nd application I filled my form with the without abhdar. But dbt portal requried adhar card link and this not possible bcz it’s already links to 1st application . If you accept 100% problem with non adhar .then why reject may application .bcz only of adhar card.

    • Try to apply with your 1st application where you have linked your aadhar.
      please, call on 022-49150800 MahaDBT Helpline Number for additional help.

  2. I have registered ti the Mahadbt login but I am not able to move forward with the registration as the site is showing my aadhar card already exits but its my first time I have applied for my scholarship. I checked with e-seva kendra they are saying its not fault from our end go and check in cyber cafe, i checked with cyber cafe also and even in college. But I am not able to find the solution. Please help me in resolving the issue.

  3. please extend the date sir for scholarship form due to lack of document not able to fill the form please help.

    • At the time of filling your application they will ask is your Mother is salaried? then select YES after that you can upload Income Certificate of your Mother.

  4. Sir scholarship approved he nhi hui h …then college walo ne ghar me notice bheja h.. college fees pay krna padega … Amount badi h nhi kr skte h … Abhi tak form approve nhi hua h.. pending par hao February se… 31 college me last day batai h krna chahiye

    • Visit your college scholarship counter and know the exact status or issue of your application. if they give a valid reason then try to solve. if they are not approving your application for no valid reason then call on MahaDBT Helpline Number 022-49150800 with details.

  5. Your MahaDBT Registered mobile number is same as that linked with Aadhar Card.
    For any online update request, including updation of mobile number, resident should already have an active number registered with UIDAI where person can receive OTP SMS and authenticate himself/herself. Otherwise you would need to visit nearest UIDAI permanent enrolment center.

    Go to
    Enter your aadhar number and solve the captcha. You can see the last 3 Digits of mobile number that was registered with your aadhar card. If you don’t have that number then you can change mobile number by visiting UIDAI Center.

  6. My friends received an option to redeem but I didn’t get it….my application is approved but why is it getting delayed?

  7. Sir, actually my register mobile number is loss and hence i can’t able to reset my password as i don’t get OTP then how i can reset my password now.

    • Go to your college they will change your mobile number by using a Principal Login. So, after that you can create new password.

      • Sir actually from principal login they tried but after putting my adhar number and DOB, it says applicant doesn’t exist. After loosing my mobile number, I link new mobile number to my adhar. Does this problem comes beacuase of that?

        • We need more details about your issue. Plzz, Call on MahaDBT Helpline Number 022-49150800 where we can Assist you better.

    • After Redeeming the Voucher you will receive the scholarship fund in your aadhar linked bank acoount in 2-3 days. In some cases it takes longer. Plzz wait few more days. If still you have not received scholarship then contact your college scholarship department.

  8. sir, it has been 6 days after redeeming voucher and status shows fund disbursed, but I didn’t get it in my account… I contacted the college scholarship department but they are avoiding me,please help me sir

  9. Plzz, wait few more days actually, many students have not receive the funds yet. Your Application should be in queue.

  10. Sir in my beneficiary Notification it is showing that Your aadhar is linked with your bank account but in payment Notification it is showing INACTIVE AADHAAR . soo I asked about this to your Service man who has been their in call centre. He told me that your Account is not linked with npci soo I have gone to my bank but they don’t know about npci linking soo I asked to my scholarship teacher she told me that You can open a new Soo I opened a New account in INDIAN POST PAYMENT BANK which is successfully linked with npci And it is also showing in Uidai site also but in mahadbt portal my status is not changed and Not a single money I have received from your side And I am applying for this year only soo sir/maam plzz help me to recieved my respective amount.

    sir I have also Send about 10 to 12 grievance in mahadbt portal but not a single reply came from your side it been 20 days I have send my grievance. Sir I have opened a New account in IPPB bank and my account is successfully linked with npci soo sir plzz send my respective amount of money and also change the status of payment Notification in Mahadbt portal.

    • Don’t Worry, Status takes time to be update.
      Dial *99*99# to know the Aadhaar-Bank linking status.
      What is current status of your scholarship application?

      • Sir I have redeem a 1st installment but in students section it is showing FUND DISBURSEMENTS IN progress and it’s been a 20 days my Payment Notification status is not changed And I have send almost 15 grievance but no reply came from their site and By Calling the Customer care number I am not able to talk any representative. Soo sir what I can do in UIDAI it is showing bank linking status. plzz help me 🙏

        • Plzz, Visit your college Scholarship Department and tell them that you have not received any fund in your account.

          • Sir I have visited but my teacher says me that wait for some days but nothing changes in the status After this I visited to my scholarship teacher but again she says that wait for the process but sir I have waited more then 20 days I think teacher don’t know more about my problem soo sir plzz help me.

          • Maybe They are lots of applications is pending and your application is in queue. Plzz wait few more days many students have not received funds yet.

  11. Sir my application status is under scrutiny from long time and my other friends redeemed their scholorship.
    I have applied for EBC scholorship
    Plz help me

    • You have to wait until your application is approved by the Institute and Department Level. You can do one thing to visit your college scholarship department and ask them to review your application as fast as possible.

  12. Sir, I had redeemed 1st installment voucher but the fund didn’t disbursed, it is in disbursement process, since I had not done NPCI mapping of my account also in the notification it was showing inactive aadhar. But now I had done NPCI mapping of my account but still in the mahadbt notification it is showing inactive aadhar and the fund is yet to be disbursed. So, what to do???

    • Status takes time to be update. Plzz Visit your college scholarship Department if you haven’t received any funds after 15 days from redeeming the voucher.

  13. Sir as i haven’t recieved the 1st installment after redeeming voucher since 1 month so I got to know about that my aadhar isn’t linked with bank so I linked it and it’s status is now showing active on uidai portal. So will my installment will come to my account now?


  14. I linked my aadhar with bank also mapped on npci server
    But still inactive aadhar on mahadbt (payment notification)
    What should I do?

  15. Hello Sir, I have redeemed the 1st installment voucher and its showing Funds disbursement in Process. However in the notification section it says adhaar not linked with bank ac. So I went to the bank branch and asked them to link my adhaar to npci mapper. Unfortunately they said they don’t have the infrastructure to link adhaar to npci mapper from last six months. Can you tell me if I can change the current bank account details in the form to my other bank account which can be linked to npci mapper? (I inquiried about it in the bank)

    Please help.
    Thank you!

    • Check your Aadhaar and Bank Account Linking Status in NPCI mapper by visiting if your aadhar is linked with aadhar and MahaDBT Portal is Showing Aadhar Not linked then don’t worry MahaDBT Portal takes time to update your status.
      Plaz Call on 022-49150800 where we can help you better.

  16. Sir which amount of money we get after the redeem ofb1st installment Institute status or student status

    • Check your Voucher Calculation Details you will found it below the Redeem Button. You will Find Total Applicable for Student this amount students will receive and the rest of the amount will send to the college.

  17. It’s been almost 2 months (mid of March) since I have reedemed my 1st installment. Still i have not received any funds and it’s still showing fund disbursement in process. My friend got his funds in 2 days but in my case I have not got any funds till now.

    Can I know if there is some problem from my side or your ?

    • Generally Funds receives in 2 days. But, In some cases it can be longer. and Due to Current Situation of Covid-19 it will be Delay. You have Wait.

  18. It’s almost been 2 months (mid of March) since the voucher is been Auto-redeemed as( i was not able to redeem bcz of some reasons) for my 1st installment. Still i have not received any funds and it’s still showing fund disbursement in process.

    May i know if there is any problem from my side or should i reach to my respective college scholarship department.

  19. sir somedays ago my APPLICATION status is under ddo for second installment is their and now it is ONLY UNDER DDO what is happened . And sir till now I didn’t got my first installment I have also done a npci linking and send many times a screenshot of UIDAI then what happened why I didn’t got my money till now

    • You have to visit your College Scholarship Department if you have not receive scholarship fund yet. Due to Covid-19 all the School & Colleges are Closed. Once it’s open they will proceed your application.

  20. sir it’s been 3 month I didn’t got my 1st installment their is a problem of npci linking soo I opened a new bank account in indian post payment bank but after that also nothing changed I have send many times a grievance with screenshot of UIDAI site only one reply came from your side is if your aadhar is linked then it will update on portal soon but it’s been 3 month why it didn’t update till now
    That’s the same grievance I am sending but nothing changed till know they only say that if your aadhar is link with npci then it will on portal soon but when sir plzz help me sir

  21. Hi Sir,
    This is Shubham again. I show a notification stating your adhaar is linked with bank account- beneficiary registration completed. However my registered bank in the scholarship form is not seeded with NPCI and when I see it shows my other bank account which i did not mention in the form. PLEASE ADVISE WILL I RECEIVE DBT BENEFIT?

  22. Hello sir,
    I have received 1st installment in my bank account in march.
    Till now I haven’t got redeem for 2nd installment as my friends got 2nd installment directly into their bank accounts with even redeeming for second installment
    What can be the cause I still not received the redeem button as it is saying awaiting for approval?

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